Living Consciously Education Program is the first intensive 18-step program base on the best selling book Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society designed to challenge what you know about life.


Now is the time to deepen your awareness of your True Self, through coaching and deep introspective exercises. This program is for the serious student who is on the path of Self-Awareness.

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Living Consciously

We teach, coach and train the Living Consciously Education Program. Deepen your conscious awareness. Begin coaching with us and you receive a bonus gift called Deserving With Grace Abundance Block Identifier for free. Set up your appointment today, click the orange button below to schedule your free individual consultation.


We help people look deep within and let go of their self-sabotage. It is the heart center that the soul can heal. We help people get to the heart of their issues fast, so they can relieve their suffering, and live life with vigor and vitality.


Become fully expressed to create your conscious life. Learn to communicate with others in harmony and balance. When you begin to effectively communicate with your inner guides; you Illuminate the Dark Corners of Your Bright Ideas(c).


Align with your support, use your support wisely, share your vision, know, feel and experience being supported. Discover what happens when you attract a community that supports your conscious awareness.

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